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January 2017

E-Commuters creating demand for home offices

An explosion in e-commuting (formerly known as telecommuting) is creating demand for well-designed home office space, according to research by John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Consultants with the Burns firm report nearly four of every 10 new home shoppers (39 percent) work at home at least one day per week. One-fourth of shoppers born in the 1960s and 1970s work at home at least three days per week.

Such shifts have created a huge opportunity for home builders since most resale homes were not designed with this demand in mind, stated Adam Artunian, senior manager at JBRE.  He also noted e-commuting will increase with further technology advancements, worsening traffic, and the pronounced shift in general attitudes.

E-commuting allows workers to avoid long commute times, save gas, work in remote locations, and have more flexibility during the day," according to Artunian. Some employers view e-commuting as a way to attract more talented people while also saving on overhead costs.

Researchers compared the habits of workers based on the decades when they were born. 

A survey of more than 22,000 new home shoppers revealed a majority of buyers will pay a nice premium for an additional small office area. One-third of the respondents said they prefer a formal office.

Shifts in generational attitudes are discussed in a new book by John Burns titled Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses.