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September 2017

News In Brief

  • Complaints about contractors is number two on the annual list of Top 10 Consumer Complaints complied by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). As solar energy becomes more popular, complaints about misleading sales tactics and confusing contract terms and shoddy installation are growing. That's why it's so important to take the time to check out a contractor - any contractor - before you hire them. Contact the Better Business Bureau, talk to previous customers, and check to make sure the company is properly registered. Never hire someone who just shows up at your door. That's not how good contractors find work.

  • According to the Seattle Times, the city of Seattle has added cars at the same rate as people. Census data show that from 2010 to 2015, Seattle's population grew by an impressive 12 percent. The number of personal vehicles owned by Seattle residents during the same time period also grew by 12 percent. With that increase, our car population hit 435,000, all into the city's 84 square miles of land. That's 5,185 cars per square mile. If you ranked major U.S. cities by density of cars instead of people, Seattle would place fifth. For every 1,000 city residents, there are 637 cars here.

  • Out of the 3,487 ranked private schools in America, Lakeside School in Seattle nabbed the number six spot in the top ten best private high schools in America, according to Niche.com. Niche analyzed factors like SAT/ACT scores, college enrollment, culture and diversity, and counted in the opinion of millions of student and parent reviews. As for their list of best private schools strictly in Washington, these are the 5 that made the list: Lakeside School, The Overlake School, The Bush School, Seattle Academy, and Annie Wright Schools.

  • Seattle's Team Diva Real Estate, one of the Puget Sound region's most successful and well-known residential real estate teams, was named runner up for most Innovative Team in Inman's 2017 Innovator Awards - the only team located in and serving the Seattle area to be so recognized. Inman annually recognizes "the boldest tech companies and professionals in the real estate industry," and dozens of finalists across seven categories from around the United States were parsed and examined to select what Inman believes are the most innovative companies in real estate today. Team members include Kim Colaprete, Chavi Hohm, Rocky Flowers, Roy Powell and Michael Jouver. Through the award, Inman recognized Team Diva for engaging clients through an active online presence and an array of high-energy events, such as collaborations with the artistic and LGBT communities, post-card writing parties encouraging political activism, and more traditional client appreciation and charitable fundraising occasions.

  • Amazon's extraordinary growth has turned Seattle into the biggest company town in America, according to a report by the Seattle Times. Amazon now occupies a mind-boggling 19 percent of all prime office space in the city, the most for any employer in a major U.S. city. Amazon's footprint in Seattle is more than twice as large as any other company in any other big U.S. city. Amazon now occupies more office space than the next 40 biggest employers in the city combined. Its footprint of 8.1 million square feet is expected to grow to more than 12 million square feet within five years.

  • The central Puget Sound Region (King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties) witnessed another extraordinary year of growth, increasing by 82,000 people or 2.1% to reach a total population of 4,067,000 as of April 1, 2017. This was the second year in a row that the region experienced population growth exceeding 80,000 in a single year. King County was the region's fastest growing county over the last year, increasing by 48,600 persons at a rate of 2.3%. Snohomish county was second fastest, adding 16,500 persons or 2.1% Pierce county increased by 14,900 persons at a rate of 1.8%. Kitsap county grew by 1,700 persons or 0.7%.