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August 2017

Northwest MLS services and products earn high marks from members

Every two years, Northwest Multiple Listing Service invites its members and subscribers to take part in a survey to indicate their level of satisfaction and future expectations for MLS services and products. Feedback from this biennial survey is used to help NWMLS make system and service enhancements, and to set priorities.

Survey participants were ask to rate both the importance of various existing services and their level of satisfaction with them, as well as their interest in possible new services.

They were also invited to indicate the first word that came to mind when they thought of Northwest MLS. "Good, excellent, great, information, professional, helpful, and necessary" were the words mentioned most often.

NWMLS Member Satisfaction Survey Word Cloud graphic

When asked to rate NWMLS on various customer service attributes using a five-point scale, with five being perfect, survey responses reflected improvement in all areas, with "knowledgeable" and "professional" each earning scores of 4.41, followed by "easy to work with" (4.25) and "responsive" (4.11).

Users' level of satisfaction with major services also rose compared to two years ago. Matrix, rated as the most important service, earned the highest marks for satisfaction. Close behind was Realist. Two new services unveiled during 2017, InfoSparks and ShowingTime, both earned above-average marks.

Other services were also evaluated. Call Center, Support, Training, and Legal Bulletins were all rated significantly higher than in 2015.

Online Bill Pay registered the highest level of satisfaction in the "additional services" category, garnering a score of 4.27. Also included in this category were Satellite Office, Member Stores, Member Compliance and the Printing & Design Department, with each of them earning scores ranging from 3.47 to 4.11.

When asked about their interest in additional services and projects, Online Clock Hour classes topped the ratings for interest among both members (at 4.21) and subscribers (a 4.31). Runner up was a public facing/consumer listing search website operated by Northwest MLS.

MLS officials said the feedback associated with the list of suggested new projects would be considered in setting priorities.

The survey results also included a profile of participating brokers. Among members, slightly more than half (52 percent) were male, and their average age was 58 years old. Subscribers were slightly younger (54 years old), with 62 percent of these participants being female.