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September 2015

$930 million "Move Seattle" levy awaits Seattle voters

Seattle voters will decide the fate of an ambitious $930 million levy - the biggest in Seattle history - when they cast their ballots in November. The measure, called The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle, would replace an existing levy that expires at year end.

On September 29, voters are invited to a free "Seattle Speaks" interactive discussion on the 9 year $930 million levy. The program will be held from 7 to 8 p.m. at Seattle's Town Hall. (Doors open at 6 p.m.) Admission is free but seating is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Introduced by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Move Seattle would integrate transit, walking, biking, and freight. The proposition requires all levy proceeds to be used for transportation improvements. Proponents say it would contribute to a safe, interconnected, vibrant, affordable, and innovative city while helping Seattle keep pace with growth.

Some critics are questioning where the levy dollars would go, believing the proposal "is a collection of disconnected projects."

The levy would be paid for through a property tax, which would cost the owner of a median priced ($450,000) Seattle home about $275 per year, according to campaign materials. That compares to a cost of $130 per year for the expiring Bridging the Gap levy. 

Seattle CityClub, Seattle Channel and Town Hall will are presenting the upcoming event. Seattle Speaks is an Emmy Award-winning series that brings together local leaders, critics, stakeholders and citizens to "deliberate pivotal moments" in the city's history. Seattle Channel's Brian Callanan is the program's host.

Citizens are invited to submit thoughts and opinions by taking a preshow poll.