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November 2013

Governmental Affairs Reporter

By NWREporter

November 2013

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Your Seattle-King County REALTORS® (SKCR) is involved on these issues on your behalf:

King County Cities: Adopting New International Building Codes

Real Estate Signs

  • Des Moines: City Council Passes Sign Code Improvements

Land Use & Development Regulations

  • Auburn: City Council Working to Address Student/Rental Housing Issues
  • Auburn: City Looks at Expanding Lot Averaging
  • Bellevue: Shoreline Master Program
  • Federal Way: City Council Approves Request to HUD
  • Kent: Downtown Subarea
  • Renton: City Proposal to Require Alleys for Developments Could Reduce Inventory
  • Seattle: Urban Forest Stewardship Plan
  • City of Shoreline: Tree Update

In Other News

  • Burien: Council Considers Firms to Assist in Filling Vacant City Manager Position
  • Auburn: New Staff Member Hired
  • Renton: New Staff Member Hired

Political Affairs

  • SKCR Voting Guides
  • King County: Parks and Zoo Levy Supported by REALTORS® Passes
  • Pacific: City Council Fills Council Vacancy Following Recall of Mayor Cy Sun
  • REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

The REALTOR® Governmental Affairs Reporter is a quarterly publication produced by SKCAR to inform members about current issues and successes within your Governmental Affairs Department. Our next publication will be released in January 2014.

Governmental & Public Affairs Leadership
Bill O'Brien, 2013 VP Governmental & Public Affairs: williamo@johnlscott.com
Patti Hill, 2013 VP-Elect Governmental & Public Affairs: pattih@windermere.com
David Crowell, Director Governmental & Public Affairs: dcrowell@nwrealtor.com
Sam Pace, Housing Specialist: sam@sampace.com
Randy Bannecker, Housing Specialist: randy@bannecker.com
Cheri Brennan, Public Relations Specialist: cheri4pr@sprynet.com
Contact David Crowell at (425) 974-1011 if there are any local legislative issues that need SKCR's attention.