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July 2013

Realtors provide candidates with "Healthy Housing Checklist"

NWREporter July 2013

Candidates for elected office and other public officials who attended the annual Housing Issues Briefing presented by SEATTLE KingCounty REALTORS® received a checklist for creating and sustaining a healthy housing segment.

The list covers six primary areas of concern to Realtors, with detailed bullet points under each.

  1. Ensure an adequate supply of housing (including specific recommendations for zoning, densities, a variety of property types/home styles and reasonable regulations).
  2. Allow the housing market to recover (with reminders about the negative impact of new taxes, fees and regulations)."Think carrots rather than sticks" (suggesting incentives be explored before mandates and penalties).
  3. Streamline the regulatory process (with ideas for exemptions, plus ways to make permitting and plan reviews faster and more efficient).
  4. Ease the cost of housing (through deferred impact fees, sales tax refunds, a small business assistance programs, and low impact development credits).
  5. Leadership (focus on two futures:  housing and economic vitality, being mindful of housing supply, affordability and regulations).

Along with the checklist, the document included an invitation for Briefing participants to connect with SKCR's housing specialists for "details, best practices ideas and help."