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July 2013

Take the Greener IT Challenge

NWREporter July 2013

Not all electronic devices are the same when it comes to their impact on the planet.

For example, some scientists estimate two-thirds of the environmental footprint of these devices comes from the manufacturing process, not the use.

Microsoft and other partners invite individuals and organizations to go greener when choosing, using and disposing of IT equipment like PCs. By using tools developed through a collaboration of shareholders from business, advocacy, government and academic arenas, this partnership suggests several benefits can be enjoyed:

  • Better choices
  • Improved data security
  • Money savings, and
  • Reduced environmental impact

Working with the ICT (information and communications technologies) industry, the authors of the Greener IT Challenge believe the environmental impact of electronics can be reduced while improving the environmental sustainability of the electronics we all use.
Specifically, businesses and individuals are challenged to include environmental certification in decision process, configure PCs to use less electrical power, and dispose of electronics to reduce harm to people, the planet, and potentially, your privacy.

Go Greener

Do you and your company...

  • Buy smart: purchase only certified PCs that have been manufactured in more environmentally sustainable ways?
  • Use smart: understand power options so your PC uses less electricity?
  • Dispose safely: dispose of used electronics so they can be reused and recycled and cause minimal harm to the environment?

One widely-used resource for going greener is EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), a rating tool, global registry and easy-to-use database of environmentally preferable products. EPTAT-registered products are manufactured with fewer toxins (like mercury), and are designed for easy recycling.  Nearly 500 million EPEAT-registered products have been purchased since the system began in July 2006. Forty eight participating manufacturers currently register over 2800 'greener' PC and display products across 42 covered countries.

The Greener IT Challenge website features a six-minute video, a 5-question multiple-choice test, links to useful websites and other information.  To see an infographic of the eco benefits of purchasing greener EPEAT-registered products, click here.

View video:
http://microsoft.greeneritchallenge.org/   (click link for more details and to view video)

2012 EcoBenefits of Purchasing Greener EPEAT-Registered Products infographic
( http://www.epeat.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/EPEATIG2012.pdf )