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July 2013

Economic Update (May 2013) Set to Verse

NWREporter July 2013

June 5, 2013

Economist John Mitchell, the keynote speaker for the 19th annual Housing Issues Briefing presented by SEATTLE KingCounty REALTORS®, delighted the audience with his much-anticipated economic update set to verse. Dr. Mitchell, a member of the Western Blue Chip Forecast Panel and a popular columnist and speaker, graciously granted permission to reprint it in NW REporter.


Washington grew fast with the CPS at the core.
In the aerospace race Boeing sold more.
Amazon gobbled space to the builder's delight,
And farm income soared out of most people's sight

Liquor flowed from the end of a prohibition shackle.
McCleary meant legislators had fund issues to tackle.
Cannabis is legal for good or for ill,
An experiment is underway at the people's will.

2013 will see state growth that is even faster,
Assuming that there is no national policy disaster.
The tech sector booms in a dynamic cluster,
While battery issues do aerospace fluster.

Home prices are rising-those underwater do decline.
Inventories are down and some buyers wait in line.
Jay Inslee took over facing problems of old
Kings almost turned to Sonics had the  NBA rolled.


Editor's Note: Dr. Mitchells' verse only applicable to his economic update given on May 7, 2013.